01 Kagayaki Camp, a facility for children
in need of medical care,
will be open in next spring!

We Medical Corporation Kagayaki plan to open Kagayaki Camp, a facility for children with severe physical and intellectual disabilities and children in need of medical care, in April 2021.

We would be grateful for your support.


Today, Japan’s newborn medical care is said to be the best in the world, and medical advances have made it possible to save many babies’ lives. On the other hand, some of the babies who have been brought to life in this way are children with severe physical disabilities or intellectual disabilities, and others require daily medical care after discharge, such as aspiration of phlegm, feeding through tubes such as gastrostoma or intestinal fistula, and use of ventilators.


They spend a lot of time at home, which eventually leads to problems such as “They can only sleep at home,” “They can only eat meals with their parents,” and “They can’t play outside,” leading to a co-dependent relationship between parent and child. As the first step towards becoming independent and connected to society, we will support them by creating a “Kagayaki Camp” where children can enjoy their stay and enjoy their time together.

02 Greetings from the President


“We provide something the community needs, but doesn’t yet have.This is what we’ve always valued.

Since opening in 2009 as Gifu Prefecture’s first specialized home care clinic, we have provided music therapy, food support, and other firsts in the region. Then, in 2020, we decided to take it a step further by providing “rehabilitation for children with severe physical disabilities or intellectual disabilities” and “facilities for preschool children”.

This “Kagayaki Camp” is also a place for education and research. Medical professionals and students from all over the country and abroad, please come and visit us at the “Kagayaki Camp”. And be a friend to children.

Ryoichi Ichihashi,
President, Medical Corporation Kagayaki

03 Features

●Staff with various specialties support children and their families (ex. nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, dieticians, and dental hygienists)

●Kagayaki Camp will provide “Zero Gravity Digi-Reha” (developed in collaboration with the NPO Ubobe), a digital rehabilitation in a swimming pool where images move in accordance with the child’s actions.
Children who have very weak muscles and find it difficult to exercise on the ground can reduce their burden in the pool by using buoyancy, so they can learn the joy of moving their bodies on their own. This is the world’s first attempt at Zero-Gravity Digi-Riha. We will create a new form of rehabilitation by setting up a system for clinical practice, research and education.
(Read more about Digi-Riha here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CT9AlwWFl0)


Management company

Medical Corporation Kagayaki

Request for Support

We need your support in order to run the Kagayaki Camp. We will strive to create something that has never been done before, such as Zero Gravity Digi-Riha, and give back to the region and the world.

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